Brand Marketing |  An Executive Brief

This short report will summarize the ideas and trouble spots that your brand marketing agency identifies in the first meeting they have with you. This brief can be used as a framework to decide your next steps, as well as a reference point later on to check the progress of your brand marketing campaigns.

Brand Marketing | An Executive SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis covers four basic areas – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. An ideal snapshot of a company at any given point in time, this comprehensive view examines good and bad internal forces – strengths and weaknesses – as well as their counterparts outside of the company, opportunities and threats. By weighing both the pros and cons of the state of the company at the same time, effective brand marketing strategies can be devised that provide the best benefits with the least amount of risk.

Brand Analysis | Internal Brand Analysis

A united internal company vision is one of the best tools in the arsenal of brand management. An internal brand analysis takes a closer look at what builds and defines a company from the inside out. This process involves examining things such as founding history and continuing operations. The perceptions of leaders and key employees within the company are also collected through online surveys and SWOT questions.

Brand Analysis | External Brand Analysis

Once a branding agency has a good idea of what ideas are passed around behind closed doors, it’s time to look to perceptions outside of the company. Data such as consumer buying trends, past performance, and how well a product or service is or isn’t meeting customer needs will be weighed at this step. Segmentation, otherwise known as the process of selling to different demographic sets of customers, will also be considered.

Brand Analysis | Competitor Analysis

Taking a long, objective look at competitors is a great way to get new ideas and compare your current approaches to those of another business in your industry. This is not only an excellent way to discover new ways of reaching your customer base, it will also show you how your marketing practices stack up to those of your rivals, in terms of effectiveness.