Business Goals and Objectives | Pursuing Your Dreams

Is your number one employee slacking off? Marketing efforts are the first paid worker that most companies hire on, but if that “employee” isn’t motivated, you could be pouring cash into the bare minimum – a proverbial body behind the register that doesn’t care if your business makes it or not. Inbound marketing can be likened to putting a sandwich board on that employee, sending him or her out into the world armed with flyers and coupons, instructing them to shake hands with potential customers and winning them over on a personal level. If both of these scenarios cost you the same amount of investment towards your business objectives, wouldn’t you prefer the latter?

Business Goals and Objectives | On-the-Street Visibility

Your search engine rankings are the path that most customers will follow to get to your store. Good content marketing efforts will put your sandwich-board–clad employee on the side of a very busy highway with a convenient turnoff. Your customers are there, they have the time to pull off the highway, and search marketing will convince them to stop at your exit, rather than at your competitor’s further down the road.

Business Goals and Objectives | How Are You Today?

Connecting with your customers isn’t something that can be done passively – your marketing needs to put the flyer in their hands, have a conversation with them and get to know them a little bit. Your business goals and objectives should include the time and effort needed to do that through venues like social media; if you’re too busy to communicate with and understand your customer’s needs, there will always be another business that’s more than happy to pick up the slack.

Business Goals and Objectives | The Difference of Difference

Even in the most narrow of business niches, there is always a competitor lurking in the customer’s perception. Solid content marketing will not only grab their attention, it will clearly convey why your business is the superior choice. This is where content marketing comes in; skillful introductions and thoughtful descriptions of unique services or merchandise will give indecisive customers that last little nudge through your door – real or digital – and right up to your register.

Business Goals and Objectives | Evaluate Your Employee

Finally, as with any employee, a summons to your office at a regular intervals is a good way to gauge how things are going. Metrics are a way to quickly and easily judge how your collective content marketing efforts are affecting your business. If an upswing pops up, you’ll know you’re on the right track, but if some lackluster metrics come into play, you’ll have a timely heads-up to adjust your content, social media and search marketing accordingly.