Here’s how the content marketing portion of the program works: the more you pay us to develop and distribute your content, the less work you have to do. So it comes down to budget and whether you have the time, talent, and skills to research, write, shoot video, edit, and other media skills.  It really is that simple.

Content may take quite a number of different forms that fall into just a few categories: text-based, audio-only, video, and….that’s about it. Which forms we utilize is determined by the personas we develop, and your budget. Here’s an exhaustive list of content formats, most of which you’ll recognize.

Content Marketing Strategy | Value First, Then Business

If you show up to a pool party with a duck boat, the only thing you’ll be rewarded with is a series of odd looks and a firm removal from future guest lists. Content marketing is the tool that will dock that duck boat and not only hand you a chic pool raft, but bring along a few for your friends as well. Implementing a successful content marketing strategy entails using the right format and tone for each platform you’re working with, keeping you from being that “duck boat guy” they talk about in the pool – or worse, don’t talk about at all.

Content Marketing Strategy | Working on Words

When you use professional content marketing services, you won’t get multiple versions of the same copy shortened for character-count restrictions or stretched into longer format with filler words. Content marketing experts know that each platform requires a certain tone or phrasing to connect with your audience, and that content is never a one-size-fits-all job. Whether it’s incorporating intelligent hashtags for twitter or including a call to action for likes on Facebook, there’s always something extra that can be done to bump your message over the top. Content marketing services will provide that bump, along with professional experience and enthusiasm.

Content Marketing Strategy | Avoid the Pitfalls

Content marketing plays well with others – most notably search engine marketing and social media marketing – when it comes to getting the word out. Attempt to jump in feet-first, however, and you might as well dust off that duck call, because your audience is likely to scatter. Using an ally through content marketing services will ensure that you approach your customers in a comfortable, relatable way while still capturing their attention for your promotional efforts.

Whatever your content marketing strategy might be at this point – barely beginning or fleshed out and waiting for a green light – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your content defines your business and remains on the internet for a long time, so take the time to roll it out properly. You’ll be kicking back in your float in no time!