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Your Game Plan

A written plan is a pre-determined, charted outcome.

Without it you just end up where you're going.

Your Game Plan | How This Works

A content marketing program can be a lot of work. The good news is you can pay someone to do most of it for you, but there will always be some active participation required of you, or one of your trusted lieutenants.

The First Step is to identify your business goals, market positioning, your target market (your "uber-niche"), and a few dozen other critical factors. We'll accomplish this together using "The PlayBook" tool, after which we can begin to develop, then implement, your plan. The PlayBook tool gets reviewed annually (there's usually a free lunch involved!) so we stay current and stay on-track.

In Step Two we will develop your content marketing plan strategy, plan & tactics, and outline your distribution channels. We'll draft your initial content calendar and begin to put these things in place, and into motion! This is the planning stage and all goals, plans, distribution channels, and metrics are determined here.

Step Three sees the construction of your content distribution pipeline. We'll do this for you. Your pipeline consists of your website, your social media and rich media sites, as well as a few other possible property categories.

Things really begin to pick up speed in Step Four. We'll begin producing content with and for you according to your content calendar, and distribute it to the proper sites according to plan.

Step Five is where accountability puts in its appearance. It's where we get to take a look at numbers and see what's working, what's not working, those things that may be broken or just require a little tweaking. From this set of numbers we can take action to improve your plan, then begin again with Step Three and continue the process all over again.

That's how our content marketing programs work. What are you trying to accomplish this year? Whatever it is it's a good bet that a focused content marketing program will help you achieve it. Let's talk about it and see if we can find a way. Talking is free!

Search Marketing

This segment of the plan includes elements like the keyword list we developed earlier in the process, taking baseline search measurements of targeted keywords, and other search related tasks. Your involvement here is largely approval of the final plan.

Social Media

In this step we'll determine where your targeted people groups "hang out"online and devise a plan to reach them so when they're ready for your product or service, you're top of mind. Expect to be a little more involved with the implementation of this section.

Content Strategy

Your content strategy will include: what kind of content to produce for your targeted people groups, what format in which it should be produced, when and how to deliver it, and with what frequency should it be offered. Your involvement includes input about the people groups, the type of content they typically consume and additional details.

Metrics Strategy

We start here with your specific business objectives in mind. We need to define success for each business objective and try and find ways to tie that definition to appropriate KPI's if possible. The (2) most important elements to your entire content marketing plan are 1) planning properly with the end in mind, and 2) a solid metrics program to gauge progress.

Implementing Your Plan

It's time to begin the implementation. Content Calendars are built, wheels begin to spin and things begin to happen. Your involvement in implementation was determined during Pre-Season in the Business Champions Segment and the Content Marketing Strategy in this segment. You'll be involved in content production and distribution to the degree that your available staff will allow, and to the level that you desire to be.
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