Link Building (National SEO)

Link-Building 1Link-building is essential if you a) do business regionally, nationally, or internationally and b)depend upon your website as a major source of new business. If you only do business locally, see Local SEO.

Each link your website receives from another referring website is considered a vote of confidence for your site. If enough webmasters like your content and link to it,then Google likes it, too, and your site is rewarded with higher placement in the search results than your competitors with fewer links.

That's a bit simplified but it gets at the heart of it. He who has the most high-quality links, and gets everything else on Google's list right, wins.

There are only (2) ways to build links:  1) Wait for other webmasters to find your site (good luck!), 2)  Actively pursue those links.

Pick any Fortune 500 company and look up how many inbound links they have. They didn't wait on those links, they hired a staff to go get 'em and now they show up routinely on Pg 1 of Google for almost anything they post.

You should do the same.

Link-building is not easy, it's never fast, and it's not cheap but the alternative doesn't work. Let's talk about building some links.