Website Analytics | Measure, Improve, Rinse and Repeat

Imagine you’re taking a road trip – only you’ve taken off without a map and there are no street signs along your entire route. For awhile, it might seem like a real adventure with a lot of interesting scenery, but the novelty will quickly wear off when it comes time to fuel up and there’s no town in sight. Running headlong into internet marketing without analytics and metrics to reference is a lot like tossing your map aside – sure, you’ll eventually get somewhere, but there’s no telling that the destination you find will be the one you wanted – or even a welcoming one, for that matter. Website analytics are an unbiased source of feedback that tells you exactly how well your site is doing, and to use another driving analogy, functions a lot like GPS.

Website Analytics Analysis | Last Location Lookup

Website analytics analysis isn’t simply about reviewing your site traffic to satisfy your curiosity, it’s about compiling data to make your marketing efforts hit harder, your sales pull more profit and your marketing research make more of an impact over time. When you set up analytics, you’ll be able to compare virtually any aspect of your online business – day to day, week to week and even year to year. Looking at the trends will tell you if you’ve had a particularly good March, for instance, or if March is indicative of a distinct upward swing for the whole season. Recognizing a season-wide trend will allow you to spend your marketing dollars more wisely – saving the “big guns” for slower months that need a little boost.

Website Analytics | Recalculating…

Sometimes, you make a wrong turn with your business. This is part of the learning process, and it isn’t a big deal as long as you let your “GPS” redirect you to the right path. Your metrics dashboard will compile all of the information you need to know – traffic numbers, conversion rates, bounce rates and more – in one place so that you can make the most of it. Keep your eyes on these modules and you’ll never have to wonder where to turn next – or more importantly, where you went wrong and how to fix it.
Monthly and quarterly reviews will also keep you up to date on your metrics, highlighting where certain ideas worked well and where others need to be reevaluated. This route guidance is one of the most valuable tools you’ll receive in your internet marketing plan – so don’t ignore it, or your business could end up stranded on a very lonely stretch of road.