Social Media Strategy | Do I Have To?

Imagine if every word of every conversation you had with someone turned into money. As unlikely as it may seem, a social media strategy can make this happen, given enough time and a little bit of effort. Social media is an incredibly powerful resource that works through two paths at once to increase the success of your business, and using it is not much more difficult than simply striking up a conversation. Once your social media manager implements your plan, connecting with your existing customers and reaching new ones is a matter of tapping same techniques that you’re already familiar with from face-to-face sales.

Social Media Marketing Strategy | Capturing Timely Interest

When you have a new product or service, getting the word out in a timely fashion will mean the difference between gaining new customers or getting swept underfoot. This step is especially important if your new release is tied to a recent event – much like Oreo’s hastily-cobbled but wildly successful Twitter post that referenced the 2013 Superbowl blackout as it happened. Using the fast-publishing capability of social media will keep you looking current and fresh, rather than falling in with bandwagon-jumpers. When a new movie is released from a popular franchise, there’s a reason that midnight showings pack the house, after all – no one wants to be the person who goes four days later.

Social Media Strategy | Nip The Negative

When it comes to your product, commercials and billboards can’t do much to address business-troubling complaints, other than reinforcing them by addressing an existing complaint to a much wider audience. With private messaging functions built in to most social media platforms, a company can easily “take aside” a customer with a particularly difficult complaint and settle it to their satisfaction, all outside of public view. This minimizes the exponentially negative impact that the customer’s escalating complaints can cause – a ringing telephone will annoy an entire room until it’s answered, but you can’t answer that phone unless you’re prepared with a social media marketing strategy. Don’t let your telephone ring unchecked!

Social Media Marketing Strategy | Conversations Live On

Public communications like Twitter tweets, Facebook posts and so on are indexed by search engines on a regular basis. By carefully following your social media strategy and engaging in informative, connecting conversations with your customers, you’ll be stacking the deck when it comes to your search engine results pages. A search for any well-marketed company will turn up their web page, but consumers will appreciate the boost of confidence that a current, relatable conversation will bring in the same search. While they may still be cautious about a business with little more than a landing page, social media activity demonstrates that the same company has an active interest in connecting with their customers one-on-one as well.

If you want an active line to your customers, virtually effortless broadcast capabilities for new products and a running tally of the positive outreach you promote in the name of your company, you’re in luck! These are only a few of the benefits that a solid social media marketing strategy can provide.

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