Do you have a website, but aren’t sure how to properly harness it for success? You aren’t alone. Many business owners have an online presence for the sake of an online presence, but have no idea how to tap into and use website analysis to build their business. Securing the data streaming through your website is like uncovering buried treasure. These useful pieces of “gold” can be used to guide marketing strategies, improve stock flow and better connect with existing customers. That treasure map is in your hands right this moment, and our company knows exactly how to read it for you.

Website Traffic Analysis | Where Are They Going?

Business owners with physical storefronts can watch customers as they come in, making mental notes about which areas or products seem to be most popular, which days are busier than others, and so on. Imagine recording precise details about these same customers, down to how many seconds they pick up one product, or which products entice them away from others, and how useful that information can be. Website traffic analysis records statistics like these for online businesses, communicating information that singles out popular items, or noting that customers tend to buy certain products together, or lose interest and leave when confronted with a certain page. Website traffic analysis culls these data points to help you plan store layouts or devise better ways of keeping browsing customers on the proverbial hook instead of wandering to a competitor’s site.

Website SEO Analysis | Where Have They Been?

If you aren’t receiving the volume of traffic through your website that you’d like to, website seo analysis is the answer. SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the practice of tailoring a website to appeal to a search engine’s algorithms, which in turn ensures higher placement in search engine queries and results. Adjusting your written content to contain certain search friendly words and terms – “lawn service in Dallas” if you happen to be one, for instance – will tell search engines that they should present seeking customers with your business website, rather than a competitor’s who does not use SEO practices. Our company will target the right words and phrases to elevate your business in search engines, as well as craft natural-sounding content to attach them to your page. Other tips, such as an easy-to-follow layout and small coding details that make a big difference, will also be shared to keep your company where it belongs: at the top of the pack.

Website Analysis | Keeping You In Control

Naturally, your business is important to you and you want to take a hand in its success. We completely understand! We’ll work with you to set up a content management platform and reports that keep your finger on the pulse of your business at all times. That way, not only do you enjoy the benefits of a stronger, faster and more dynamic approach to success, you’ll get to watch them happen in real time.