Website Development

Website Development 1We view website development a bit differently. Most providers build a site then try and figure out what content needs to be in it; pick a few colors and make sure the logo isn't outdated and, voila!

That's back-wards.

Building a website properly begins with at least a discussion of your branding efforts and moves forward from there.

Your customers/clients/prospects have a certain set of needs and they look for solutions to those problems in ways that are unique to that market segment. You, the business owner, have a vision for your company, and a mission for your employees that is targeted towards your customers' needs.

Where those two worlds overlap, well, that is your website!

Your website is your online representation of your business and as such should be a comfortable fit for your clients, customers, and prospects that visit your site. If it doesn't fit, we didn't do our job right. That's why purchasing website development services is far more than just figuring out, "how many pages" you should have. Find out more about our website development process, here.

Let's face it, it's a challenge that no one really wants to tackle but if we do it right it can be fun. And when we do it right, the rewards will be well worth it!

Let's talk.